New Europe Translations is Bulgaria’s fastest growing translation services provider. We are a group of highly talented translators with experience in top companies from around the World. Our native English proofreaders also add an extra bonus for our clients.

Our client base of government organizations, NGOs and the top private companies in Europe and the U.S. have made our team adapt fast to all challenges – they are ready to translate your documents whatever your need. From website translation, technical manuals, gambling documents to new EU laws – New Europe Translations can meet any deadline at an excellent price.

All our Bulgarian translators have more than 10 years of experience in the field they specialize in and have high degrees in Applied Languages. The aim of our bonus free native English proofreading service is to provide you with the perfect final copy.


Below is just a small selection of some of the translation services we supply:


Our translators have subtitled some of the most famous Hollywood films, BBC documentaries and local Bulgarian TV programs. We are one of the top experts in Bulgaria in this area.

Legal Translation Services

We only use translators who have relevant legal experience in your field, whether it is contract law, employment law or any other required field. New Europe Translations has translated some of the most complicated EU laws.

Website Translation Services

For your website to work and sell in Bulgaria or abroad you need to target as many audiences as possible. Translating your website is easy for us, all we need are your source files and we'll do the rest.

Translation & Localization for online gaming

We have 2 expert translators for Online Gaming and Gambling who have actually worked for the top poker and sports book sites in Europe.

Technical Translation

Whether it be engineering or any other specialist subject, technical translation must be perfect. We use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding.

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